The Basic Check portal including its materials, information, images, and logos is developed, operated, and managed by Smart Bits and Basic Check. The content on this portal is provided as a service for visitors and can only be used for information and counseling purposes.

Our team is dedicated to protecting the security, integrity, and privacy of data using the necessary measures. This portal does not buy, sell or distribute user's data with other people or companies.

The user is responsible for selecting and using the information. S/he is not allowed to transfer, reproduce, or modify the information provided by this portal.

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The information provided in Basic Check is derived from reliable sources, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The information provided is a guide and can be changed or deleted without notice.

Career orientation recommendations and advice are provided based on the information collected from users' results in the IVAP test and the Skills-Matching Test. However, the portal is not responsible for the outcome of these assessments. Career tests are designed for self-recognition and to help users identify their types of personality, interests, values, skills, and preferences. The user is responsible for any actions or decisions taken as a result of using this portal or self-knowledge tests.

Basic Check is not responsible for any action of career advisers beyond the services provided within the portal.

The Basic Check portal administration team reserves the right to change this document as needed and at any time.