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    What are the next steps after completing the IVAP test? 12 months ago

    After completing your Interests, Values, Abilities, and Preferences (IVAP) tests and receiving the list of relevant occupations, you can research for these occupations in the Occupations Explorer module offered in Basic Check. There you can find information about activities, knowledge, and skills required, work conditions, work tools, and necessary education and training. It is also important that you focus on the institutions that provide adequate education required for the selected occupations. Throughout this process, do not hesitate to contact your career advisor at the nearest center or consult with Basic Check staff.

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    Can I take Basic Check Certification Test? 12 months ago

    You can take Basic Check Certification Test by submitting a request in the following email address: info@basic-check.ch

    This test is offered at certified test centers. You will be informed about the fee and further details by email.

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    What is Basic Check Certification Test? 12 months ago

    Basic Check Certification Test is a neutral skills test. This test is used by vocational secondary schools in several EU countries and beyond before enrolling students in the first year in these schools and before starting an internship at the enterprise.

    Basic Check Certification Test enables the creation of a personal skills profile for each student. Schools and other decision-making instances will have the opportunity, with the help of these scientifically validated results, to recommend to students the enrollment in schools and the appropriate professions.

    Basic Check Certification Test lasts 2.5 hours and consists of:

    • Logical problems in the field of language
    • Logical problems with two- and three-dimensional content
    • Logical problems with numbers
    • English language problems
    • Practical problems.
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    What is the Skills-Matching Test? 5 months ago

    Skills-Matching Test is a test that evaluates your skills for a particular occupation. Skills-Matching Test consist of the following categories:

    • Logical problems
    • Mathematics
    • English Language
    • German Language

    Logical problems assess candidates’ abilities and skills associated with memory and remembering, logical imagination and two- and three-dimensional content.

    Mathematics assesses the candidates’ ability to perform calculations, extension of fractions and equations, practical calculations and understanding of geometry.

    German language evaluates candidates' skills in spelling, grammar, style, and vocabulary.

    English language evaluates candidates' skills in reading comprehension, grammar, language structure, and vocabulary.