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    What is Basic Check? 12 months ago

    Basic Check is a professional orientation and career counseling/advice portal. The mission of Basic Check is to assist students in their journey to the professional world using career tests (IVAP and Skills-Matching Test). In this portal, students can get information about schools and colleges, occupations, career tests, apply for a jobs or internships and find answers to their career questions.

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    What is Online Helper? 12 months ago

    The Online Helper module of Basic Check contains three submodules that relate directly to career orientation and guidance:

    • Forum

    The forum provides discussion opportunities about different career topics with Basic Check members.

    • Articles

    Articles provide advice and answers to complex questions relating to career orientation.

    • Success stories

    The success stories module contains different stories about successful people, their journey, and setbacks they have overcome.

    Therefore, the Basic Check platform offers support and advice through the aforementioned submodules by referring to current topics and questions aimed to help in career orientation and guidance.

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    Is Basic Check available in mobile? 12 months ago

    Except being a platform available as a website, Basic Check is also available to users through their devices on iOS and Android mobile applications.

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    Why is the information in Basic Check reliable? 12 months ago

    All information found in Basic Check is compiled by relevant institutions and is published only after confirming their accuracy. However, the administrative staff of Basic Check constantly enriches the information as soon as the associated institutions request it. The Occupations Explorer module is enriched and based on ESCO. Job vacancies are approved only after verifying companies for their correctness of the information provided.

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    What are articles and success stories? 12 months ago

    In Basic Check you can find the Online Helper module which includes the forum, articles, and success stories. Articles help readers learn about the things they need in school, university, work and everyday life. Moreover, success stories consist of stories about successful people who help users increase awareness and desire for their career goals. These stories are intended to motivate young people to pursue their career path. The stories are illustrated through videos.

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    What is the career orientation program? 12 months ago

    Having a plan is essential to advance in every aspect of life, but it is especially important when it comes to your career. Career orientation is the guidance given to individuals to help them gain knowledge, information, skills and experiences needed to identify career opportunities.

    The Career Orientation Platform, Basic Check, provides topics that are crucial for ensuring that your career paths are the right paths. Writing a CV, a motivational letter, developing a social circle, preparing for interviews, verbal and non-verbal communication, career planning, skill, and career tests, and setting goals are just some of the topics that are being developed within this platform.

    Career counseling has always been important but only recently has received merit recognition. Previously, people have searched for career counselors to change their career if they weren’t satisfied with their job. Now people admit that this is not ideal. The importance of this program is great because it helps in identifying skills, aspirations, and minimizing mistakes during career guidance. Therefore, everyone can benefit from such a program, which does not exclude even those who are not satisfied with the career they’ve chosen and want to change or return to it.

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    What does Basic Check offer for career orientation? 12 months ago

    Basic Check offers six modules for anyone seeking career guidance counseling:

    • Self-recognition

    This module includes career tests such as IVAP which examines your interests, values, abilities, and preferences. And the Skills-Matching Test that evaluates your skills for a particular occupation. Based on the answers provided in the tests, you will be shown a list of the most relevant occupations to you.

    • Occupations Explorer

    In Basic Check you can find occupations that you can search by category, education, demand, and salary. If you want to learn about a particular occupation, the platform provides a video and a description that includes the activities, knowledge, and skills required, work conditions, work tools, and the necessary education and training for the relevant occupation.

    • SchooldFinder

    This module enables you to choose the level of education, departments, and the city where you plan to study. In this way, the platform enables you to find the place and the appropriate institution for the education you are looking for.

    • Jobs and Internships

    In this platform, you can explore job vacancies and internship opportunities by narrowing down your search with the offered filters, such as category, city, compensation and type.

    • Online Helper

    Through Online Helper, various articles are provided to answer the most important questions when it comes to preparing students for further education and professional development. For example, articles provided in this module elaborate advice on how to write a CV, how to prepare for a job interview, scholarship and so forth. Moreover, Online Helper provides submodules such as the discussion forum where users can openly discuss any questions or problems they face with regards to career orientation and success story videos where users can get motivated by the stories of successful people.

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    What if there is no information about an institution I am interested in? 12 months ago

    Basic Check as a platform is constantly updated with relevant information for users. For that reason, your contribution in this regard is very valuable. If you notice lack of information about an educational institution, you are strongly encouraged to contact us via email, so that our staff can make necessary changes.

    Email address: info@basic-check.com

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    How to sign up in Basic Check and what kind of roles are there? 12 months ago

    Depending on your role and the institution you represent, your functions and the way you open the account in Basic Check is different. Some of the roles available at Basic Check are:

    • Student
    • Parent
    • Career Advisor
    • Author
    • School representative
    • Business

    Opening the accounts for users in the role of the student is done by teacher. However, students have the opportunity to open an account themselves.

    Opening an account as a simple user or as a business is independent. Meanwhile, other accounts should be created by Basic Check's administrative staff after verifying their role.