How to manage work-related stress?

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Work-related stress is becoming an increasing problem in the whole world that does not only affect the employee’s wellbeing but the company’s productivity as well. Work-related stress surfaces when the job flow and tasks increase and surpass the normal task handling rate of an employee. This also depends on the employee because not every employee has the same task handling rate that if the activities surpass it that will become stressful and challenging for them. 

What causes the work-related stress?

It is important to know what causes stress at work, in order to take the necessary steps to lower it. Stress at work can be caused by different factors such as:

  • Work organization culture such as long shifts or overworking;
  • Bad management practices such as over supervising, uncomfortable environment, lack of the necessary sources;
  • Work request content such as short deadlines, tasks changing;
  • The physical working environment such as insecurity at work, lack of equipment; weak relationships with colleagues or the manager;
  • Lack of support such as low chances for promotions;
  • Conflict role such as insufficient work abilities, etc.

The consequences of stress at work:

  • Bad time management;
  • Tense relationships;
  • Lack of focus;
  • Health influence.

How to deal with work-related stress?

  • Seek support from colleagues, friends, and relatives;
  • Exercise and eat healthy;
  • Sleep better;
  • Prioritize your activities and tasks;
  • Don’t overload yourself with activities;
  • Take vacations;
  • Talk with your employer regarding work-related stress factors, etc.

The benefits of handling work-related stress:

  • Makes you more productive;
  • Keeps you focused;
  • It keeps you relaxed;
  • It helps you prevent different diseases caused by stress;
  • It makes you more energetic, etc.


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