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The Programme for International Student Assessment known as PISA is a project of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development which is held every three years. the first Pisa test was organized in 2000 where 43 states participated and this year (2018) the seventh cycle of this test will be held with 70 state participating. PISA does not analyze only what the students have learned, but if the students can use what they learned in a creative and critical way. Thus, this study enables international comparison of students’ achievements to assess knowledge related to real situations, as well as the ability to participate in adult society. PISA helps governments to create effective education policies based on the results of the test.

 A representative sample of 15-year-old students is selected in each of the member states that participate in PISA. Therefore, it is considered that the results of this test reflect the real state of the education system and enable the comparison between states.  The test includes three fields: reading, mathematics, and science. In each cycle of PISA, one of the fields is the main focus of the assessment, thus it is the main field.  The main fields according to the cycles were as follows:


Main field

PISA 2000


PISA 2003


PISA 2006


PISA 2009


PISA 2012 


PISA 2015


PISA 2018


This study has three levels of assessment:

Content: the basic meaning of the material;

Progress: more complex thoughts such as interpretation and analysis;

Context: applying knowledge in real-life situations.

In the year 2015, PISA was held for the sixth time where Kosovo was part of the 72 participating countries.  The main field that year was science.  5,161 student from 225 schools participated in this test.  The results of the test were published one year later. From 72 participating countries, in the field of reading Kosovo was placed last, whereas, in Mathematics and Science, it was the 70th state. Kosovo has participated this year in PISA with 5,370 students from 211 schools. The results of this test will be published in December of 2019.






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