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SAT is a standardized test that is used as a selection criterion of students for most of the colleges and universities in the US.  The purpose of the SAT is to measure the readiness of high school students for undergraduate studies. The recruit officers of colleges and universities review the test results along with the average grade of secondary schools, completed subjects, letters of recommendation from teachers and mentors, extracurricular activities, personal essays and admission interviews.

The importance of the SAT results in the application process varies from university to university. In general, the more points achieved in SAT, the higher the opportunity to get accepted in college/university. SAT is offered at a national level every year in August, October, November, December, March, May, and June.

SAT sections:

  • The reading test

The reading test includes a section with 52 questions that need to be completed in 65 minutes. The reading parts of the test have been drawn from three main fields: history, social studies, and science. 

  • The language and writing test

The language and writing test consist of one section with 44 multiple choice questions and a timeline of 35 minutes. Candidates are required to read the parts, find the errors in writing and provide adequate corrections to the errors.    

  •  The mathematics test

This part is divided into two sections: the mathematics test with a calculator and the mathematics test without a calculator

 Overall, the SAT mathematics tests last 80 minutes and included 58 questions: 45 are multiple choice questions and 13 are open questions. Multiple choice questions have four possible answers, meanwhile, open questions have only one answer.

The mathematics test- the section without calculator has 20 questions (15 multiple choice and 5 open ones) and lasts 25 minutes.   

The mathematics test- the section with a calculator has 38 questions (30 multiple choice and 8 open ones) and lasts 55 minutes. 

Before taking the SAT, it is recommended to try a preparatory test. factors e.g. the way you handle the time pressure and which questions are more challenging can help you understand where to focus more.

The links below offer preparatory models for SAT:






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