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The State Matura Exam is a standardized final exam that confirms the completion of upper secondary schooling. Moreover, this exam shows the level of training of the candidate for continuing tertiary schooling or employment.  The first Matura Exam was organized in the academic year 2005/2006. This exam is one of the most important evaluations of the pre-university education in Kosovo. As a standardized test, this test’s aim is to measure the knowledge and skills gained during the secondary education teaching process.

Law with no.05/L-018 for the State Matura Exam regulates the implementation and administration of this exam. According to this law, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST) if the responsible authority for organizing this exam, but this institution cooperates with the Central State Matura Commission (SMC), Municipal Education Directorates (MED) and Test Center Commissions to organize the test. In the academic year 2017/2018, there have been some changes with regards to the organization of the test since the biggest problem was its administration. In the past, the exam was organized in two days for all the regions, but this year, it will be organized in eight days. Therefore, the exam will not be held on the same day all over the country.

All the students of middle schools that have successfully finished their last year can undergo the exam. Moreover, the students who have completed the last exam of the professional education can undergo the State Matura Exam.  The Matura exam consists of mandatory subjects e.g. mathematics, Albanian language, English language, and elective subjects.  It is organized in two parts, where the first part has 100 questions from mandatory subjects, and the second part has 100 questions from the professional or elective subjects. The exam is offered in Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian or Turkish language. The threshold for passing the exam is 40%. Thus, students that pass 40% of this exam obtain a certificate and can continue tertiary schooling. SMC publishes the results of this test.


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