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Transferable skills are a unique group of skills that do not belong to any specific field. They are general skills that get transferred in work and daily life. If you are having doubts to quit your job but you are afraid that you will have to learn all the necessary skills for your future job, this should not worry you because transferable skills travel with you every time.

We all have transferable skills and we learned them from school, work, internships, training, volunteer work, etc. These skills are the key core of every professional success that you will have in your career and these skills will follow you even if you decide to change career.

It is important to know which skills you have and to give examples for the one you already learned. This will help you a lot if you are applying for a new position in order to convince your employer that you are the right person for the job. For example, communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork are transferable skills because they can be used in all fields of work and on different occasions. These are the skills that every employer asks in their employees.

The benefits that transferable skills provide to the employee and employer are:

  • Flexibility

In such a competitive market, companies are always in need of employees that offer diversity and are able to execute different tasks at work.

  • Adaptability

The nature of these skills means that they will never be lost but they will be with you in every job. These skills will get advanced with time and you will learn new skills as well.

  • Employability

If you don’t have work experience but you have a good CV where you have mentioned your transferable skills, then this might be the best option to increase your chances of being selected. Even if you lack in work experience but by mentioning your transferable skills, you will show your employer that you can adapt easily with whatever request or need they have.

Transferrable skills can be categorized in many categories but 7 are the main ones:

  • Technical skills

One of the main technical skills is computer skills. Even if you are not working in a work field that is not connected with technology, these skills will give you an advantage in personal growth.

  • Communication skills

Every professional job requires employees who possess good communication skills because otherwise, it is impossible to succeed and get promoted. Having communication skills does not only mean that you are able to listen and speak. In the professional world, these skills comprise:

Speaking skills: What you say and how you say it

Listening skills: Listen to understand and don’t listen only to reply

Writing skills: Possessing fluent writing skills is necessary for a successful career. These skills will give others an impression about you.

Communication skills through technology: These skills help you out in choosing the right media to share your message to your listeners.

  • Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is the best way to handle an issue and coming to a solution. This helps successful people to define the challenges that they are facing and logically solving issues. Through an evaluation, analyzing the issue while making critical questions and including factors that influence in making a possible solution. Then you decide which is the best option for solving that issue.

  • Time management skills

Time management skills help you in organizing and planning your time. These show that you can be productive in a short time and that you are able to work under pressure.

In order to be successful in time management, you should always prioritize the most important tasks first such as the deadline for an important and delicate task.

  • Teamwork skills

In many companies, you will have to work in groups. While working in groups, you will show your employer that you are the right person for that position.

This skill is really important if your goal is to become a leader because every leader understands the dynamics of working in groups. So, if you want to be a leader, you should start to learn how to become part of a group.

  • Creative skills

Creativity is a skill that helps in advancing your ideas of someone else’s ideas in a strategical way. A person is considered creative if his/her ideas are bringing satisfying results. By being creative means that you should use all of your transferable skills while bringing a good idea to life.

  • Leadership skills

Leadership skills are one of the most complexed transferrable skills that you should possess in order to be successful in your career. These skills are a mix of all the other transferable skills that you have learned until now. It comprises teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, etc.

It is worth to mention that you are not born a leader but you become one!


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