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During the interview, you should be aware of some of the skills most employers are looking for, regardless of the position you are applying for.

Employers want workers that:

  • Are punctual, meaning that they arrive on time and leave by the end of their shift;
  • Are trustworthy;
  • Have motive, energy, and enthusiasm;
  • Want more than the salary;
  • Are self-discipline, organized and can manage time;
  • Are polite;
  • Are willing to use the computer;
  • Are dedicated to teamwork;
  • Are flexible, can react to new situations and easily adapt to work changes;
  • Want to learn new things;
  • Are goal-oriented;
  • Have creativity and can solve problems;
  • Have integrity;
  • Are loyal to the company;
  • Can identify new opportunities and trends etc.

Therefore, plan to master all these skills to legitimately declare them. Before the interview, prepare a list of all these skills and link them to your experience. For each skill, explain from which experience you have earned it or for each experience tell which of these skills you have used.

Other than that, you can offer evidence of your skills in the interview. For example, if you are an artist or anyone who produces a product, you can bring a sample of your work in your portfolio.

In addition to the skills, the values you present in the interview are very important for your assessment as a potential candidate for a job. Some values that negatively impact on employers are when employers notice signs like:

  • Arrogance or aggressiveness, delay or failure to adhere to appointment schedules, including the interview etc.;
  • Lack of motivation and laziness
  • Continuous grievances or blaming others;
  • Inaccuracies in the CV or during the interview;
  • No accountability or non-compliance with the rules and instructions;
  • Lack of enthusiasm for the company;
  • Lack of stability etc.

In addition to the skills and values, a key point during the interview is self-confidence, especially when introducing yourself. Lack of confidence is usually perceived in these cases:

When you speak with a low voice and are barely heard, or when you talk loudly and are heard in other parts of the office;

When you hesitate to answer, or when you answer just a word (no, yes, maybe, I think etc.) in every question by your employer;

When you are reducing your achievements and skills, or when you are constantly criticizing yourself during the interview comments;

After you have presented your values and skills during the interview, if everything went well and you have decided that you like the job and you have the impression that the interviewers are pleased with you, then you can make questions like “Will you offer me this role?” It may sound a bit funny, but a lot of studies have shown that many job seekers have won the job by being this self-confident.

Fragments from the Richard N. Bolles book “What Color Is Your Parachute? 2014.”

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