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Working while going to school or college is a great way to earn some money that can be used to pay for school or other expenses.  However, balancing work and studies is not easy and requires discipline and time-planning. Therefore, follow these steps in order to achieve your professional and educational goals:

  • Have clear objectives

  Create realistic career objectives, plans, and expectations for what you want to achieve after graduation. “Don’t go to college only to get a degree that you are going to hand in a wall,” says Dow. When you have clear objectives, it is easier to manage your life and create a balance between work and studies because you are fighting toward a clear and determined goal. 

  • Find a flexible job

Try to find a work that has a flexible schedule with the one that school. A reasonable employer can help you become successful at school and work.

Your manager should understand that you are a student. If you tell your manager from the start of your situation, it may possible that you get a permanent role in the company.

  • Stay focused until the finish line

Remember why you are doing that job. Take time to remind yourself your goals because that will help you to stay active, to be motivated, and plan your time better, and to balance work and studies.

  • Keep your levels of stress under control

Stress is inevitable when you are dealing with school and work. Learning how to manage these stress levels is crucial. Some proven ways of stress level contain a healthy diet, physical activity, enough sleep, spending time with friends and family etc.

  • Manage your time

Never confuse work responsibility with that of school. Make a schedule to finish tasks for each of them. If you ever have to choose between the two, always make school a priority!

  • Enjoy studying

If you are passionate about school and the career you are pursuing, then don’t think of the school and work tasks as mandatory but think of them as an enrichment of your mind and advancement of your career.

  • Breathe

Plan your time to do something in order to recharge yourself. That time is valuable to you, your family and friends. So, remind yourself that sometimes you need to relax and dedicate time to your social life.

Now you know that you can manage to go to school and work even though it is not easy, but always remember that if you can manage your time, you will always succeed in achieving your goals.


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