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13. analytic skills

Analytical skills are the ability to collect and analyze information for problem-solving and decision making. These skills also include the ability to analyze a problem or situation from different angles.

Having a natural tendency for analytical skills is a relief, but is not necessary because skills are taught. Analytic skills are a group of skills which include how attentive and detail oriented you are, critical thinking and the ability to analyze a problem and find a solution.

An example of the usage of these skills is business people who try and find new opportunities to expand the market and increase their sales. To achieve this, they need to be able to collect and analyze the information for the current state of the company and make a plan or strategy for developing it.

It is very important that to these skills because employers seek to employ people who have analytical skills. This is because workers need to be able to explore the problem and find a solution for a limited time.

Solving problems can be achieved through simpler and clearer methods or more creative methods depending on what the problem is. Both methods require analytical skills.

Some of the types of analytic skills are:

  • The ability to find the right information

You need to be able to collect relevant data that are required in a specific situation. Data collection is the beginning of the analytical process. Some ways to gather the right data are: Determine exactly what you are looking for, write down all available sources where you can get data, determine which of those sources are reliable, determine the method you will use during the research, think about who will need this data to work and if the data are needed

  • Numerical skills

These skills are the basis of mathematical skills that include some ability to understand and analyze numerical data and how to get the right conclusion. Numerous skills also include the ability to express ideas using mathematical data or numbers.

  • Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to know what you want and achieve it. Some examples of this skill are a clear vision of what you want to achieve, prioritization, development of a strategic action plan, flexibility, ability to learn etc.  

  • Technical skills

Nowadays, good technical skills are indispensable for all types of work or management levels.

  • Critical thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to assess a situation or problem independently. This means you do not accept arguments or conclusions if they are not based on facts. This skill is important in all areas of life because through it you are able to make prudent decisions.


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