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An online game is a video game that is played in part or mainly through the internet. Online games are installed on any modern device, including computers, mobile devices, and so on. They include many genres and are creative. There are strategic games and massive games played by many players at once.

Online gaming culture sometimes faces criticism of creating an environment that can fuel harassment through the internet, violence, and xenophobia. Part of society is worried about online games addiction or social stigma. Online games have attracted players from all ages, nations, and professions. The content of online games can be studied in the science field, in particular, the study of the interaction of players in virtual societies.

The dangers of online games

It is the duty of any parent who has children playing online games, to learn about the various dangers the child can face playing online and then find out what I can do to keep him or her safe. Online games have a variety of dangers for people who play them.

Some of the dangers of online games are:

  • Violence

A fairly large number of online games are based on wars; therefore they contain a great deal of violence. It has been proven that children playing these games are more aggressive and violent in their later lives. Part of the people who have committed criminal and terrorist acts have been worshipers of these games and have been inspired by the same games for performing the aforementioned acts.

  • Cyberbullying

One of the most common problems encountered during online gambling is cyberbullying and "grievers" as people who deal with this type of bullying. Children are mostly bullied by their peers online. So, for the kids who are cyberbullying other kids, the advancement on the game is not important because they spend most of the time bullying others.

  • Privacy

The easiest protection against multiple online threats is the knowledge of basics and basic rules for Internet security, including the failure to provide personal information online. If you want to protect your privacy then use the web camera as little as possible.

  • Sexual content and pornography in online games

One of the concerns about video games and their popularity is the inclusion of sexual content and pornography in them. Many online games include sexual exploitation and violence by describing sexual images of men and women. Children have very easy access to virtual sex games where they are allowed to engage in virtual sexual acts or stimulated to accumulate more points. Therefore, parents should be aware that the online gaming industry is very closely related to the industry of pornography.

  • Pedophiles

Sexual predators (pedophiles) use online games to connect with children, so through these games, they target their next victim. They can use a variety of information about a child in children’s play history. This information helps them to create companionship and gain the child's trust.

  • Inappropriate content

There are plenty of online games that contain fun features and their content is also suitable for children of all ages. But there are also many games that have explicit sexual content, excessive amounts of violence, disrespect, etc.

  • Sound masking technology

There is a current program that Microsoft and several other companies use to help protect the identity of online gamers. Sound masking technology actually changes the voice in such a way that the gender or age of the player is not known.

  • Online gaming addiction

Individuals who play online games for a relatively long time can become addicted to them and there are some warning signs that give us signals that we are starting to become addicted to online games. The age of people who are addicted to these games is largely the young ones, so it is important for parents to be aware and careful about the dangers and addiction to these games.

Some of the warning signs of online gaming addiction are:

  • If you notice a change of behavior (some children may become aggressive or withdrawn);
  • If your child begins to lose contact with friends;
  • If for your game your child is able to exclude other activities of everyday life such as studying and homework, eating, sleeping, etc.;
  • If the games begin to negatively affect family life;
  • If the child stays fixed on the screen, s/he is oblivious to what is happening around her/him, and s/he spends hours on the internet in a day, etc.,


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