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11. comfort zzone

John A. Shedd says “A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for”

In fact, although it feels like something real, the "comfort zone" is an artificial construct, a mental concept that has no physical manifestation in the real world: it is a limit that we have created and exists only in our minds.

“The comfort zone” gives us a sense of safety, stability, faith, and control. Stress and anxiety are minimal because we have already owned every problem that has ever existed in the world, we know the outcomes and we have created our own habits and rules for everything. There are many reasons why we like to stay in this imaginary comfort zone. We may be scared from failure, make mistakes, worry what other people think or say, lack of confidence, or maybe we feel like we don’t deserve more than we have, or we are simply lazy.

But development and advancement require to say YES and pursue every step, regardless the fear we may have. Therefore, saying yes, you enter a world of exploration and experimentation where you push your boundaries and undertake risks even if you feel nervous, you declare that your goal is more important than your fear and obstacles that may stand in your way. It is the goal achievement that lets you build a life and become that whom you want to be. In fact, this is what most successful people do, they get out of their comfort zones.

The advantages of getting out of your comfort zone:

  • You are more productive;
  • You create new experiences;
  • You have confidence;
  • You become braver;
  • You become more creative.

Seeing all these benefits, we encourage you to do the same thing, therefore you need to follow these steps:

  • Move toward your fear and confront it (instead of running from it)

Your fear dictates the things that expand out of your comfort zone. This means that even if there is something that scares you, do not run away but find the courage and do it anyway because if you submit to the fear, you expand your comfort zone.

  • Do things you never did before

Everything you do is a deviation from your regular routine, it is a step outside your comfort zone.

  • Fall in love with the uncomfortable

The essence of getting out of the comfort zone is to get used to being okay with being in uncomfortable zones. Better yet, learn to love when you feel uncomfortable.

  • Do new things constantly

Decide to try something new every week.


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