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Marketing is the promotion of services and products of a business, in order to inform the customers. If you are searching for a job where you can show your creativity, communication skills, and analytic skills, marketing is the right job for you. Therefore, starting a career in marketing is always a good choice if you consider yourself a creative person. Some of the reasons that will encourage to pursue a career in this field are listed below:

  • Opportunities for professional advancement

In this field, you have your doors open towards professional advancement. You will have the opportunity to start as an assistant in this field, and in a short time you can be promoted in a position such as a manager or coordinator. Throughout this transition, you will gain different skills that will be useful to you in the future.

  • You will not need a diploma

To start a job in the marketing field it is not necessary to have a diploma. You can start your career through different internships or training. Another way is by starting work in the department of sales in a business and along the job you show your interest in the role of marketing assistant.

  • Continuing creativity

Having a job in the marketing field is similar to work in the fashion field in terms of creativity because it is influenced by current trends. You will never get bored at this kind of job because every day you will confront a new challenge to achieve the final product.

  • Communication skills advancement

If you decide to pursue a career in the marketing field, you will encounter a world where you will meet new people every day. No matter what role you have in the company, communication is mandatory and will be the reason for improving and advancing your communication skills.

  • Acquired skills used in everyday life

Marketing is important in every business or organization. The knowledge acquired at work can be applied in different sectors and you will gain new skills and knowledge in the commercial sphere, also you will be able to think in a critical way. With creativity, communication skills, and gained knowledge, you will be an ideal candidate for every other job in your future career.

  • Learning from your achievements and failures

Through different tools such as “Google Analytics”, you can research which marketing technique has been more effective and how to increase the efficiency of techniques for a more successful marketing. Also, you learn to advance your techniques and have better outcomes, but at the same time, if any of your techniques fail, you have the opportunity to explore why it has failed and how to turn it into a lesson to your success.

  • Advancing strategic thinking

The key to your success in marketing is the right strategy, how to promote the business or a product to the customer. This is achievable through strategic thinking. While working in marketing, you will start to think strategically and create actions interconnected by creating the effect of dominos, which implies interconnection of actions in such a way that any action occurs as a result of the prior action.


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