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Understanding your personality and the way you react to the surrounding environment can help in choosing the right occupation. The first step to find an occupation that matches your personality is being aware of your individual character traits. So, you can benefit from your talents and feel fulfilled by your choice of career. Understanding your personality traits, you can search for occupations that suit you.

These personality types are:

  • INFP – introversion, intuition, feeling, and perception;
  • ISFJ – introversion, sensing, feeling, and judgment;
  • INTP – introversion, intuition, thinking, and perception;
  • ENTP – extraversion, intuition, thinking, and perception;
  • ESFJ – extraversion, sensing, feeling, and judgment.

It is important to know your personality type, in order to make it easier to find the occupation you prefer to work and avoid working an uncomfortable job.

If you want to know your personality type, click on the link below:

ENTP personality

ENTP stands in the extraversion, intuition, feelings, and perception characteristics. People with this personality, are energetic, funny, but they don’t tend to be disorganized. These kinds of people struggle to do things in time and are not suitable to work in a hierarchic system because it limits their talent. ENTPs prefer to focus on understanding the complicated work, and in problem-solving. However, they don’t pay much attention to detail. Their entrepreneurship skills and the need of freedom makes them unsuitable to work in any workplace. People with this personality are not afraid of conflict and they have excellent debating skills.

Below you can find the list of occupations suitable for ENTPs:

Business and Technology

  • Product manager;
  • Software developer;
  • System analyst;
  • Lawyer.

Art and Design

  • Game developer;
  • Producer;
  • Photographer;

Science and Engineering

  • Scientist;
  • Engineer;
  • Architect;
  • Market Researcher.

Which are the occupations that ENTPs should avoid?

  • Dentist;
  • Receptionist;
  • Accountant.


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