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“Transformational Leadership Program - Scholarships and Partnerships” program or TLP-SP is a cooperation agreement between USAID and World Learning that has started on the 26th of February 2014.

The main goal of the program is the development of a leadership framework to promote important change in the economic, politics, and social fields of Kosovo. Besides this, the program aims to develop Kosovars’ capacity to bring transformational changes through opportunities for advances education, leadership development, and technical assistance.

To achieve these goals, TLP-SP is focused on the activities mentioned below:

  • Establishing an Advisory Committee that will oversee the program, including creating and managing a Secretariat for that Committee;
  • Establishment and monitoring of scholarship participants in US Master Programs and participants in professional certification programs;
  • Creation of partnerships and university exchanges that will support the cooperation between American and Kosovar universities and other higher educational institutions in Kosovo.


The program works closely with the University of Prishtina to increase the leadership capacities and to improve student services.

The program created a partnership with four US universities to work together with the University of Prishtina in improving teaching and revision of class curricula through a series of seminars, workshops, and academic exchange programs.

Until today, TLP-SP together with its university partners have helped the University of Prishtina, in creating the “Center for Research and Sponsored Projects”, “Center for Excellence in Teaching”, and “Renewable Energy Center”; and providing support to “Career Development Center”, “Public Relations Office” and the management team of the university.


In three years, the program has given 102 scholarships for professional certification and 185 scholarships for Master diplomas to promote Kosovars in short-term and intensive programs in the United States. Scholarships are given in the area of rule of law, public administration, engineering, agriculture, management, finances, economy, information system, education, gender studies, and interdisciplinary studies.

This program ends on February 2019.



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