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Peer education is a process where young people share information for educational purposes no matter their age, sexual orientation, culture or interest.

Peer education resulted as an effective method to exchange information about different topics, especially regarding sexual health because young people are more comfortable to talk about that with each other.

Peer education is believed to work since the peers belong to the same group of society. Peer education is also believed to work because it is based on the trust that peers have with each other.

Peer educators provide information through a traditional and simple way. These learning methods are effective because all parties involved learn from each other. The peer education program is designed in a way that gives the opportunity for young people to participate in different programs that are destined to them. In these programs are promoted skills such as leadership, communication, and the creation of opportunities to monitor and contact jobs.

The youth who was brought together from the peer education have a communication program in the community level in order to raise awareness. Peer education includes young people from the age of 16 until 24. This program is seen as the best way to promote health to teenagers and is values as a good system to share information that increases the quality of learning. The development of peer education depends on the qualification and expectations that participants have.

Peer education realizes in different forms, through:

  • Informal conversations;
  • Videos and presentations;
  • Advising;
  • Spreading flyers.

Peer Educator

A peer educator should be a good listener, encouraging, and motivating. Peer educators should be really good with research and at finding the right resources. A good important skill set that you should have are leadership skills. Educators should create an open environment for discussion in order that other participants to express their emotions, feelings, and their beliefs. They model the manners of young people through the society’s norm and create different relations with each other.

The peer education has some roles. He/she is:

  • A good friend;
  • An educator;
  • An activist;
  • A team member.


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