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Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) is dedicated to the long-term economic development of Kosovo through educating its population. This program provides 8 post-graduate scholarships throughout the year for high-level training at selected US universities.

Until today, 43 universities have expected KAEF participants, including “Harvard University”, “Yale University”, “Middlebury Institution” of International Studies in Montenery and “George Washington University”.

Besides this, “KAEF Fellows” offer a good opportunity to gain internship experience, including:

  • Summer internships

KAEF scholars are obligated to work during the summer months in a business or organization that is related to their field of expertise.

  • Practical training

KAEF scholars are given the opportunity to stay in the US for a period of time after completing their studies, to finish the practical training.

Some of the businesses or organizations that the scholars have worked are Dell Computers, World Bank, Voice of America, International Financial Corporation, International Development Center and Xerox Corporation.

Administration of KAEF program

KAEF fund is administered by the US Consulate for International Education, which is a non-profitable organization that believes in investing in remarkable people and also in their educational preparation, it can create a long-term, equal, sustainable development for society throughout the world. The US Consulate has almost thirty years’ experience in the administration of high-level educational exchanges between US and Euro-Asian universities. The organization's expertise ensures the success of the program in these ways:

Unbiased selection

The US Consulate has incomparable experience in advertising and administration of an unbiased selection of candidates for postgraduate exchange programs. They ensure that the KAEF Fellowship program is fair and transparent.

Administration of cost-effective programs

The US Consulate having reports with over 400 American universities manages to generate 50 percent of the total cost of schooling.

For more information regarding this scholarship program and the application form, refer to the link below:


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