Are job and career the same thing?

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3. career and work

“A job is a trip, but a career is a journey.”

A job is an activity that one person does in order to survive, however, career is related to you pursuing your passion. Many people see their jobs as a career and that’s why there is always some confusion between these two. In order to make things clear, below you will find a short analysis of both terms.

A task or an activity performed by a person, as a part of regular employment to earn money is known as Job. The person who works is known as an employee and the person for whom the works get done is known as the employer. The characteristics such as laws, tasks, duties, responsibilities, and competencies are connected to each job.

No doubt that a job is the best source of income. That is the reason why many young people are looking for a job after graduation. People normally keep a job for a specific time. After they achieve their goal or they get a better offer, they will move into the next job.

Career is defined as the occupation endeavored by a person, for an important period of his/her life. It is the series of jobs that a person has done throughout their life. That represents your career purposes in the long run. A career is not defined with only a job but is a life timeframe when a person advances their skills, education, and competencies.

Career is not only a source of income but is something way bigger than that. It represents your interests, preferences, and passion. It also cultivates in people values that are worth taking a risk. When is about career, people focus on their work satisfaction rather than money. A person’s career depends on their history and plans.

In a job you invest your time and abilities to earn money, however, in a career, you invest your time to chase your dreams. A job is an activity performed for a specific time. On the other side, there is no difference between morning, afternoon or evening when you are working on your career. Ambitious people stay late and wake up early for the sole reason to learn and explore for their career. People usually work in a job for a specific time while a career is seen as a long-term objective. A job requires proper education and abilities; however, a career requires a proper specialization in a specific field. Therefore, a job differs a lot from career, a job is temporary while a career is everything you have done and will continue to do.


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