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One of the most important documents required from job seekers is a CV or resume.

Sometimes, employers require both these documents. In Latin, CV means “life course” meanwhile resume derives from French, meaning “summary”. These documents help you to achieve the interview phase and they represent you as the most qualified candidate for the job position. However, they differ in content.

What is a CV?

A CV is a detailed document where you list your work experience, education, achievements, rewards or scholarships, research projects or publications. CVs may also include professional references, courses, fieldwork, research projects, and your interests.

In general, CVs start with your educational experience and everything else is listed chronologically.

What is a resume?

A resume is a document that sums up education, skills, and your career history. In a resume, you can list all your volunteer jobs or an objective statement that represents your professional goals. If you are a graduate with little or no work experience, you may start the resume with your educational background and then continuing with relevant internships.

What’s the difference?

The main differences between these documents are:

  • Document volume

The resume has to be as short as possible but comprehensive, it is preferred to be one to two pages maximum. A CV can be more than two pages because it contains more information than a resume.

  • Work experience

Usually, academic people use CVs to apply in a Master program or Ph.D. Also, it is widely used by professors or researchers of academic institutions.

  • The ability to customize

A CV is a static document that does not change. You can add extra information throughout your career, but its content does not change depending on the job you apply. Whereas, the resume is usually adapted with the job you apply, in order to point out your skills gained from work experience. The CV is also more about highlighting ones’ achievements.


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