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To find a job after graduating you will need a well-drafted CV. To complete a CV, one of the basic things is work experience or prior internships. However, there are cases when a student graduates he/she does not have work experience. Hence, below you can find tips on how to draft a CV without work experience.

The best way to start writing a CV is with a short summary to describe who you are and what benefits can you bring to the company, highlighting your skills and qualifications.

  • Show your potential

An employer does not only require your achievements till now, but they are also interested in what can you bring and will do for the company. Therefore, employers want to know how motivated are you for the job you are applying and if you are willing to adjust to the obligations and responsibilities if they choose you.

  • Be sincere about your skills

Make a list of your skills and where you have demonstrated those skills. A good way to organize a CV related to your skills is to group your experience with headings like research skills, using situations like volunteer work, and extracurricular activities or different club you have participated in.

Organize your experience with headings like research skills, time management skills, teamwork, project management etc. Explain how you have gained these skills, using situations from your internship, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. Do not forget that the employer does not expect you to be experts.

  • Highlight your achievements

Talk about your achievements in different contexts. You can be dynamic and proactive, and you are aware of what is happening in the labor market. Highlight your qualifications. Try to write your CV with what you have available.

A CV should be professional and match the type of job you are applying. It is important to be sure that everything is easy to read and to not be overcrowded with information like nationality, religion, marital status etc.

Be careful with the font size, spaces between them, do not use different fonts for headings (you can find this in many cases in order to increase the number of CV pages).

How does a completed CV look like?

Name and surname of the job seeker;

Postal code;

Telephone number;

E-mail address;

Main competencies and skills:

In this category, you should list all the skills you have gained during schooling, extracurricular activities, volunteer work etc. Make sure to list the places where you have gained those skills. For example:

Good teamwork skills gained from different team projects while studying.

Good communication skills gained from volunteer work in different charitable organizations such as NGO "..."

Education and professional qualifications:

In this part, you list your middle school and university. You can also use this part to list any other professional qualification, for example, different training certificates. Be sure to write the date of graduation or the expected day of graduation. For example:

Bachelor in Accounting – Economic Faculty                                                                             2010-2013

Certificate of Completing Accounting Training                                                                          2013-2014

Professional experience

In this part, you can put any internship that you finished while studying. When you list the internships, make sure to write in details about your duties and responsibilities you had. For example:

Intern                                                                                                                            1 Feb 2018- 1 Apr 2018

TEB Bank

Preparation of periodic financial statements, including profit and loss accounts, budgets and cash flows. Daily activities of accounting management and credit control including cash, disposable and payable management.

 Rewards and Gratitude

In this part of your CV, you can list all your rewards and gratitude you earned while studying. If you have won any scholarship, make sure to list it here. For example:

The best student of the year for three years in a row, from 2010 to 2013

Scholarship in 2010 and 2013


In this section, you can list the references. You can write contact persons such as an employer from an internship or a professor who can guarantee your performance or work ethics. For the people, you list in this section, make sure to provide information such as phone number or e-mail.


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