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When you apply for a job it is important to explore the company you are interested in because you can find important information that may not be included in the job description. This little research helps you to learn more about the company and their services offered. Company research is usually done when deciding which company, you want to work on and start preparing for the interview. However, it happens that you do research before you decide where to apply for a job. To find a suitable job, it is important to know the employer and the duties beforehand. To provide the right information you need to do research for the company in question. Researches usually happen when you decide with whom you want to work with, when you apply for a job and when you have been invited for the interview.

Below you can find some advice on how to do research for a company or employer:

  • Do research for the company that matches your interests

The monthly salary is important to every person that has decided to apply for a job. However, you also have to pay attention to the company’s goals besides the monthly salary. You must be informed if the company matches your interests and values. You can research the company’s goals by their web pages because in most cases they offer sufficient information there. You can also research their past employees and their impressions about the company. Last but not least, explore the opportunities to win bonuses in the company you are interested in.

 To attract potential employees, companies often offer health insurance and other benefits, including a flexible schedule and other important things in the office such as a cafeteria, gym etc.

  • Get involved in the company’s business

Is the company a start-up or it has been in the labor market for a long time? Are their services and products highly rated? Who buys them? How much and how does the company earn the incomes? The answers to these questions will give you an idea about the company’s stability, what are their concerns and how can your role affect in the business’ success.

For public companies, you can get this information on their official web pages. You may have access to certain financial information, office location and learn about the company’s structure. Public companies usually publish annual reports of financial documents. There you can get information about the details that will help you decide on your work and role in the company.

  • Learn about the company’s leadership

When a company fulfills your requests and has earned your interest, now it is time to do research about the employers and employees of the company. Who is the CEO of the company? You can also search them in social media like Facebook or LinkedIn. What do they post on these social media? Are they proud to represent the work and trademark in this industry? You can find interviews or articles published by the CEOs, so you have an overview about them.

  • Keep up with the latest news

Try to find publications or other news other than those published on the company's official sites. Explore competitors of the same field and evaluate their reputation. This will help you look at the company's values from an outside perspective.

Finally, what should we not do?

After learning everything you can do for the company, use the information to link your skills and experience with job descriptions, departmental goals, and vision for the company throughout the interview. If you have found sensitive information during your research, think carefully before mentioning it in a conversation. Creating an uncomfortable situation with the employment manager trying to show your research skills can harm you.


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