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7. expecations for graduates

Nowadays, newly graduates are expected to immediately start their career steps. Luckily there are a lot of employers that search graduates to employ because they give priority to innovation in the company or organization they run. Every generation that graduates have something new to offer and employers are always seeking innovation.

The most important traits employers want in their graduate employee are:

  • Transferable skills

Employers seek to hire candidates who possess transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership, technical knowledge, problem-solving skills etc., as well as personal features like commitment, motivation, management, reliability, cooperation, accessibility, etc.

  • Emotional intelligence

 Employers want to know how well aware you are of your strengths and disadvantages; how confident you are and how motivated you are to work.

  • Activities

It is important to engage in other activities besides studies because this shows that you have additional knowledge aside from those gained from your studies.

  • Will

Commitment is one of the most important traits that an employee can have, so it is important for the employer to know how dedicated their employee is and does he/she have a positive attitude towards work.

According to a study that was conducted where some recruiters who employ graduates were questioned, candidates who outnumber their knowledge in the field they have studied and have excellent communication skills, desire to gain knowledge and become part of the labor market are potential candidates for the position they apply.





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