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The apprenticeship program is a training system for youth where apprentices will practice their future job and also learn about the job. An apprenticeship will give you the necessary experience to be competitive in the labor market. For those who are about to transition to the labor market, the best way to start is through an apprenticeship. Several reasons why you should choose an apprenticeship are mentioned below.

  • Earn while studying

Choosing an apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to work with competent people that will help advance your skills to work better. It is worth mentioning that you will get paid while studying and advancing your skills. Even though the amount of money is not fixed, it is mandatory by law that every apprentice has to get paid. You will not have to go school every day, but it will be a mixture of studying and practicing your job.

  • Get prepared for work

Every apprenticeship program has the purpose to prepare you for your future job. You will earn the necessary knowledge and advance your skills to work better. You will learn the necessary knowledge while practicing your work. By the end of the apprenticeship, you will have enough work experience and you will be ready to show your skills when you’ll get hired.

  • Boost your career

Every apprenticeship program is designed to match the needs of the employers and the labor market; therefore, you will advance your skills and gain work experience in order to be competitive in the labor market. It doesn’t matter if you keep working at the same company after the apprenticeship ends or If you will have to look for another job, the most important thing is that will increase the worth of your CV.

  • Earn a certificate

After completing the apprenticeship, you will earn a certificate that will serve as proof of your qualification of a certain apprenticeship program. You have to acknowledge that not every apprenticeship program offers a certificate at the end, but the majority of employers will be happy to evaluate your skills and award you with a certificate. You will have a document that will prove where you spent your time throughout the apprenticeship program.

  • Network

You will not always stay in your school throughout the apprenticeship program, but you will have the opportunity to communicate with different people. Through this, you will have the chance to create your own network of people that will be beneficial in the future. Throughout the apprenticeship, you will have the occasion to show your skills and create a reputation for yourself. Your chances of getting hired will increase by having a higher number of people in your network.

  • The program is free

The apprenticeship program will not cost you anything. You will not pay for the program but there is a possibility that you will get paid for your work during the program. Taking into consideration that going to university is expensive and after completing it you will still lack experience; an apprenticeship is the best way forward.

  • Be part of the team

Throughout this apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to be in contact with other employee and the managers of the company. This apprenticeship is not only beneficial for employers because of the low costs but it will give you the chance to advance yourself. This apprenticeship will help you understand how to be part of a team.

These are only some of the reasons that show how beneficial an apprenticeship can be. Choosing an apprenticeship will open the doors into the labor market and through the gained experience you will have a better chance of getting hired.


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