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Social Sciences is an academic discipline that studies society and culture. More precisely, these disciplines study how people process and document human experiences. These disciplines offer a vast choice to advance and study. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Psychology

Are you curious to know how does the human brain works, or why people act the way they act? Psychology is the science that studies the human brain and the way people act, how the brain and the human memory works.  After the completion of the main psychology studies, students are free to choose different specialized courses like Clinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Counselling Psychology, etc. You can find in Busulla.COM all the universities that you can study psychology.

Career opportunities in this field:

Taking into consideration that psychology is trying to study and analyze the human brain, this can be applied to the following fields: health, sports, organizations, media etc. Even though, many graduates choose to become counselors, analysts, clinical psychologists, children psychologists, HR specialists, teachers, career advisors, etc.

  • Law

Attorneys understand the legal structure of a country and advise people for personal and professional matters. Every attorney must do thorough research for every case. You will give legal advice to people, companies, NGOs, the government, etc. In Busulla.COM you can find all the universities that offer law courses:

Career opportunities in this field:

This field offers a lot of job opportunities and you can either be a corporate attorney or court attorney. Apart from this, with this career path, you can work in law firms, law publications or teach in different schools. Many law graduates decide to specialize in the following fields: Tax law, Budget Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, etc.

  • Political Sciences and International Relations

 Does the idea of studying your country locally and internationally motivates you? If yes, then the field of political science and international relations are the one that you could choose. Political science includes the political history and the political systems of a country. On the other hand, international relations include the international relations between the country of origin and other countries. Both fields are focused on peace, economic crisis, poverty, unemployment, hunger etc. and is trying to solve the issues mentioned above. In Busulla.COM you can find the universities that you can study political sciences and international relations:

Political Science:

International Relations:

Career opportunities in this field:

You can choose to become a lobbyist, research assistant, political analyst, lawyer etc. A degree in international relations will make it possible for you to represent your country through an embassy or to work in different international organizations like the world bank, UN, WHO, etc.

  • Journalism

Mass communication includes sharing relevant information to a high number of people through television, radio, newspaper, magazine, social media etc. Journalism is a branch of mass communication and includes the creation, evaluation, grouping of information for the public. In Busulla.COM you will find the universities that offer this discipline to study:

Career opportunities in this field:

A degree in mass communication will open the doors to journalism, public relations, advertisement, writing and redacting of articles, etc. This degree will give you a better chance to work in different media companies.

  • Economy

Economists study the way how the society handles their sources: land, work, raw materials, machinery, goods, and different services. They do research and analyze data while monitoring economic trends. They foresee interest norms, electricity cost, inflation, exchange rate, taxes, employment rate etc. In Busulla.COM you will find all the universities that offer this discipline:

Career opportunities in this field:

After completing your studies, you can work like an analyst or research assistant in banking firms, research companies, financial advice companies, ministries, government, accounting firms, etc.

  • Social Work

This career suits the people who have decided to better the society they are living in. Social work has to do with helping the most delicate part of the society that needs support in: fighting for their rights, abuse treatment or access to health services, etc. Social workers can work with individuals or different families regarding poverty, unemployment, education, etc. In Busulla.COM you can find the universities that teach this discipline:

Career opportunities in this field:

You can work in NGOs that are focused on health care (rehabilitation centers) or in different projects with the government like raising awareness for health care, guaranteed rights of the public and the fight against social injustice and discrimination.

  • Foreign languages

The people that are interested to speak more than one language are the ones who are interested to study different foreign languages e.g. German, French, Italian, etc. Many different organizations need translators. In Busulla.COM you can find the universities that teach foreign languages.

English language and literacy:

German language and literacy:

Turkish language and literacy

French language and literacy

Career opportunities in this field:

If you ever decide to study a foreign language, you will have different available jobs for you like a translator, teacher, writer, etc. You can also work in different televisions, embassies, companies, and international organizations.

  • Sociology

Sociology is a branch of social sciences that studies the society: the analysis and understanding of the social life of people, groups, and institutions. Sociologists help to analyze gender and race identity, religion, family conflicts, crime and law, poverty, increase of population, migration, war, and peace, etc. You will find all the universities that teach sociology in Busulla.COM:

Career opportunities in this field:

Taking into consideration that sociology deals with human and society studies; therefore, you will work as an advisor in the field of family conflicts, or as a political analyst in the government. You can also work as a counselor in the HR department of different organizations. Other suitable fields for sociology are labor research, public relations, media strategy, etc.


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