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Career Guidance Information System
Alignment of education with labour market needs

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SchoolFinder serves as an enhanced search engine for all accredited VET schools, upper secondary schools, high schools and colleges/universities. Its users can search and filter results according to different criteria, e.g. name of the educational institutions, city, level, profiles, cost, public/private, syllabuses, accreditation validation, enrollment criteria's, etc. SchoolFinder further supports its users in making an informed decision. Learn more

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Career orientation is one of the most important decisions in one's life. Self-recognition is typically the starting point of career orientation. It can be done by taking the Interests, Values, Abilities, and Preferences (IVAP) tests provided through web, iOS and Android apps in Basic Check. Learn more

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Skills-Matching is a uniform, independent, and occupation-neutral skills assessment that has been developed together with representatives of associations of various businesses and has been used for many years in Switzerland and other European countries. It includes questions from English and German language, Mathematics and Logical problems.

Since the question pool of Skills-Matching test is compiled based on the labor market requirements and comes as an input from companies, it shows if the prospective student meets the prerequisites for the respective occupation. Learn more

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Occupation Explorer

Occupation Explorer is the dedicated module of Career Guidance Information System for connecting people and jobs, by showing systematically the relationships between the different concepts.

Occupation Explorer identifies and categorizes skills, competences, qualifications and occupations relevant for the labour market and education and training based on ISCO and ESCO standards. Learn more

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Jobs and Internships

The Jobs and Internships Finder will serve as a 'One Stop Shop' for pupils, students, and businesses when it comes to matching jobseekers and job providers. Learn more

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Online Helper

Basic Check connects career counselors with pupils, who can find assistance regarding different questions on career orientation and occupations. Learn more

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Available as iOS and Android App.

Download the app here:

Career Guidance Information System
Alignment of education with labour market needs

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